Taking Care of Your Teeth Through Preventive Dentistry

June 11, 2023

The significant scientific developments also impact dentistry and all its related majors, leading to the expansion of dental fields and new specialties. One of the valuable majors in dentistry that help people to maintain good oral health is preventative dentistry. These days, preventative dentistry is one of the required knowledge areas that all dentists should have if they want to help their patients with different problems. The procedures and methods used in preventative dentistry are combinations of regular dental checkups and helpful oral habits. Fortunately, these days preventative dental services are provided in many dental clinics like My Dentist Vancouver, a well-known dental clinic with satisfied patients as it has many experienced and skilled dentists. The importance of preventative dentistry is even more in childhood when your habits are formed. Usually, people who visit a skilled dentist with knowledge about preventative dental services have better oral conditions and confront fewer dental problems than those who aren’t used to having frequent oral checkups from an early age.

What are the usual preventative dentistry services?

Every six months, you probably visit the dentist for the same routine checkup until something goes wrong. Regular oral exams, routine x-rays, and teeth cleaning are common steps of preventative dental services that lessen the risks of dental emergencies and boost your oral well-being.

What types of dentists can offer preventative services?

Although all professionals, even implant dentists, are required to study preventative dentistry, these services aren’t provided by all of them. Those experts providing preventative dentistry include:

  1. General dentist: you may also know a general dentist as a family dentist, but it doesn’t really matter. When it comes to preventative dental care, a general dentist is always available and ready to provide these services. Another critical role of a general dentist is to inform you about your hygiene mistakes and explain the recommended methods and ways to keep your teeth healthy. Furthermore, a general dentist can refer you to other specialists for further care, like cosmetic veneers or more serious treatments.
  2. Pediatric dentist: pediatric dentists specialize in dental problems and care for kids and are adequately trained to deal with them. In most cases, a pediatric dentist will continue to visit children through their teen years which is why their role is crucial as they can inform them about how they need to care about their teeth and the effective ways to prevent dental problems. A pediatric dentist provides preventative dental care as well as more complicated treatments when needed, such as wisdom tooth removal, fillings, or oral surgery in some cases.

How is preventative dentistry beneficial?

  • Reduces the risk of developing cavities, periodontal disease, and more serious dental problems.
  • Help you to have white teeth and a shiny smile.
  • The earlier you identify dental problems, the cheaper it can be for you to fix them.
  • Maintain your oral condition to be healthy so you won’t have problems being a candidate for cosmetic procedures like Invisalign or dental crowns.

Remember to tell your dentist every minor and major detail about your oral condition in your checkup sessions to gain the best results!

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