Wisdom Teeth Extractions In Vancouver, BC

The third molars that grow at the rearmost area of the mouth may not have space to erupt or develop normally. These wisdom teeth may become stuck inside the gums, growing at angles, or unhealthily toward the other teeth. Most people have impacted wisdom teeth. These last-to-grow adult teeth are meant to be four in total: two on the top and two on the bottom. If you have trouble with these teeth, you should seek wisdom teeth extraction in Vancouver.

Our dentist in Vancouver, BC, can assess your mouth. If the teeth are growing in an awkward position that could impact other teeth, our local dental clinic may suggest removing them. Consult us at My Dentist Vancouver to have your wisdom teeth checked for any possible complications and get appropriate advice.

Why Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Many people ask whether it is necessary to have wisdom teeth removed. Although you may not have any troubles with your wisdom teeth, in the future, issues could arise. Not everyone needs to have a wisdom tooth extraction. Most patients will have them removed if they remain buried within the gums. Wisdom teeth that erupt may damage or crowd the nearby teeth. Things like gum disease, cysts, pain, or infections can create complications that necessitate wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure

Our wisdom teeth dentist begins with consultation and preparation. Our dentist takes X-rays and utilizes other imaging tools to help get a detailed, clear picture of the teeth positioning.

The Day of Extraction

We will give you specific pre and post-surgery guidelines. These include not eating or drinking the day you will have the procedure. Our dentist will also discuss the sedation options we have for the procedure. Having someone who can remain with you throughout that day is necessary. Again, pain medication should be available because you will need them after the surgery. After the surgery, we give guidance on what to eat. Consider soft foods, and please ensure no straws.

The Teeth Removal Surgery

A patient remains relaxed or falls asleep with general anesthesia and sedation during the procedure. You have little or no memory of what happened after waking up. To pull wisdom teeth, our dentist begins by cutting through the gum to create an incision to expose the tooth needing to be extracted if still buried underneath the gums. Any bone that could be blocking the root is also removed. The tooth is broken into pieces to make it easy to remove it. Once we have removed the tooth, we clean the site thoroughly and suture up the gum. We place gauze over the site to aid in controlling any bleeding.

Our wisdom teeth-pulling procedure is comfortable. After the extraction, there may be some soreness and discomfort that you can easily address with pain medication. Talk to us regarding wisdom teeth extraction near you, and we will help you through the process!

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