TMJ Treatment In Vancouver, BC

At My Dentist Vancouver, we know that TMJ and sleep apnea are related. Our dentist in Vancouver has expertise in identifying and analyzing TMJ symptoms to see if they connect with Sleep Disordered Breathing before providing treatment. In some cases, TMJ disorder contributes to sleep apnea.

If, for instance, you have a crossbite, underbite, or overbite, your jaw may be resting improperly in an unhealthy position. As such, you could have TMJ pain and obstruction of the airways, resulting in sleep apnea. At other times, it could be vice versa, where sleep apnea contributes to TMJ problems. Seeking TMJ treatment in Vancouver, BC, is crucial as it allows our dentist to catch what is causing TMJ pain and provide tailored treatment.

Prevalence of TMJ Disorders and The Symptoms

The National Institutes of Health estimate that more than 10 million individuals have disorders of the TM joint. As such, they encounter recurring jaw pain accompanied by limited jaw joint mobility. TMJ symptoms vary significantly among patients, with most being just a mild annoyance. Nonetheless, many people have TMJ disorder symptoms that quickly worsen to crippling chronic pain with restricted jaw mobility.

It is not uncommon for individuals with TMD to have these symptoms that need a TMJ Vancouver specialist to resolve them:

  • The jaw locking into a closed or opened mouth position
  • Popping, clicking, or grating noises
  • Difficulty chewing
  • A sudden inability to have a comfortable bite position
  • Soreness or pain within the cheeks involving tenderness of jaw muscles
  • Earaches
  • Deep pain within the joint
  • Frequent headaches within the temple area
  • Inability to comfortably move the mouth side to side or wide open.

Many things can cause TMJ pain in Vancouver, including issues with the bite or occlusion that need to be addressed through our TMJ treatment near you. Stress on the tendons and muscles around the temporomandibular joint may also facilitate TMJ pain. You will have TMD symptoms if there is a conflict between the jaw and teeth.

How We Can Help with Our TMJ Therapy

Our TMJ pain treatment can involve various treatments based on the symptoms. Lifestyle changes to reduce stress may also work for some patients whose TMJ pain arises from stressful events. Our TMJ doctor near you can treat the inflammation and help correct the bite. We can custom-make orthotic appliances that you wear at night to relax the overworked muscles or tendons to allow the body to heal.

Our TMJ clinic near you may also provide mouthguards for teeth grinding if you ascertain that it is the cause of the TMJ pain. Other restorative dental procedures that target TMJ pain involve wearing braces, placing crowns and bridges, and replacing missing teeth using dental implants.

Visit our local dental clinic on Fraser Street today to meet our jaw doctor, who will offer a specialized and tailored treatment plan.

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