Pediatric Dentistry In Vancouver, BC

At My Dentist Vancouver, we have established a pediatric dental sanctuary to cater to the oral health needs of your kids. Our local pediatric dental clinic in Vancouver aims to establish an oral health journey that we walk together from when your kid is young until adolescence and even adulthood.

Your kid’s first trip to our dental clinic is equally about them as it is about you. It is an educational visit complemented by preventive care and early assessment. Here, we teach you the dos and don’ts when keeping excellent oral health habits for your kids.

A quick exam of your baby’s mouth helps us examine their teeth, jaw, and gum development to see if there could be issues of concern. In addition to these early visits for dental developmental checks, we also offer other dental pediatric care services, including:

Preventive Care

Through our preventive dentistry, we are dedicated to maintaining your kids’ teeth and gum health. Apart from keeping good and consistent oral care at home, we advise getting your kid for regular dental visits to help prevent and reduce dental disease. We perform dental exams, including X-rays, to check their teeth and gum development. We also offer fluoride treatment, mouthguards, sealants, and dental cleanings.

Restorative Dentistry

Cavities or dental decay are prevalent and chronic in early childhood because kids have issues with oral hygiene. They also love sugar which is a major contributor to cavities. Our kid’s preventive dentistry entails white fillings that work to restore small cavities on teeth. These composite resin fillings blend well with teeth shade and are highly aesthetic.

Our white fillings provide a conservative way of addressing decay in teeth. We provide dental crowns for large cavities that cannot be filled, and our kids’ dentist near you offers pulp nerve treatment since the interior of the kid’s teeth should remain healthy to prevent tooth pain. Space maintainers are other restorations our pediatric dentistry near you provides for kids.

Emergency Dental Care

Kids are prone to accidents that may leave them with dental injuries. We offer emergency care because we know that emergencies in kids can be distressing. Contact us if your kid injures teeth, jaw, or gums. We will assess their needs and offer the care they need. Among the dental emergencies that our Vancouver dentist deals with is severe tooth pain, knocked out or avulsed teeth, fractured or cracked teeth, bleeding gums, and dislodged teeth.

We know that children may be afraid of visiting dental offices, so we have created a welcoming and inviting environment for kids to love their visits. We offer sedation dentistry to ensure peace of mind and allow the kids to remain calm as they receive treatment.

Visit our pediatric dental offices to let our children’s dentist in Fraser Street care for your kids’ dental needs!

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