Insurance and Financing in Vancouver, BC

At My Dentist Vancouver, we understand that having a dentist in Vancouver, BC that accepts your insurance is essential. Dental work can quickly add up, especially if you’re paying for multiple family members. You don’t have to put off visiting the dentist due to the cost.

Our dentists near you accepts most major insurance plans and providers.

When you visit us at My Dentist Vancouver for your dental needs, you can expect complete and thorough dental care. Cleanings, exams, and x-rays are the most popular dental services covered by insurance. Many also offer preventative services, such as tooth fillings.

In addition to dental and health insurance, My Dentist Vancouver also accepts alternative payment methods. Whether you’re paying with Credit card, Master Card, AMEX, Cheque, cash, or through Lend Care – financing company our dental clinic is here to work with you. Give your insurance carrier a call today if you have any questions regarding what your plan covers.


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