Pros and Cons of Tooth Replacement Options

June 11, 2023

Losing a permanent tooth or teeth can be devastating. Moreover, the large gaps caused by missing teeth can lead to different problems and oral health issues, lowering your self-confidence. It explains why dentists emphasize having a replacement immediately after losing one tooth. Here at My Dentist Vancouver, our professional dentists are ready to help patients with missing teeth by providing them with various tooth replacement options. Replacing your missing teeth is urgent as it can prevent gum disease, bone loss, tooth decay, and other serious oral diseases. Also, the appearance of your smile will drastically change, and you can talk and laugh with your friends and family without being ashamed of your teeth. As we mentioned, many consequences are associated with missing teeth, including speech and chewing problems, shifted teeth, jawbone integrity and other dental emergencies that are hard to handle. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry as cosmetic dentistry provides different types of tooth replacements for different needs so everyone can be satisfied with their smiles. In order to find out more about these options, and their pros and cons, you can read on.

Implant-supported bridges

If you have multiple missing teeth in a particular area, implant-supported bridges can be a suitable choice. It can save you if you don’t like to experience the lengthy process of replacing each tooth with dental implants. After getting two dental implants for the tooth at either, it’s time to cover and replace other missing teeth with tooth bridges without needing screws.

  • Pros of implant-supported bridges:
  • They are cost-effective if you want to replace multiple teeth.
  • They have a natural appearance.
  • They are as effective as dental implants.
  • Cons of implant-supported bridges:
  • It’s just valuable if you have multiple missing teeth in one area

Dental implants

They are almost the most popular tooth replacement option that many patients choose. Your implant dentist needs to use appropriate sedative options­­, as getting dental implants is not as easy as other dental procedures. Dental implants look natural, and you won’t feel uncomfortable while eating, drinking, or talking. After getting the titanium implant inserted in your jaw, you need a few months of recovery until your implant dentist finds you healed enough to continue the process. After that, you can have a dental crown as coverage to protect your dental implant.

  • Pros of dental implants:
  • They have the same appearance and function as natural teeth.
  • Dental implants are a long-term solution.
  • Cons of dental implants:
  • They are more expensive than other options.
  • Getting dental implants is considered an invasive surgical procedure.

Removable partial dentures

It’s one of the most popular procedures provided by cosmetic dentistry, especially for older patients who need to replace most of their teeth. This type of removable dentures will be clasped into position and held tightly in place.

  • Cons of dentures:
  • They are less expensive.
  • They are easy to repair.
  • The application of partial dentures is basic.
  • Pros of dentures:
  • Getting used to dentures takes time.
  • You need to clean them every night carefully.

Remember to ask your dentist for proper maintenance techniques, as these tooth replacement options won’t be affected by procedures like teeth whitening, and you want them as shiny as possible!

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