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Maintaining healthy gums becomes difficult as we age. Poor oral hygiene also takes its toll on gum health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has collected data highlighting gum disease’s prevalence. In that data, close to 46 percent of adults ages 30 and above have signs of gum disease. By these figures, if little is done to stop and prevent gum disease, more individuals could lose their teeth.

At My Dentist Vancouver, we do everything to see that gum disease is prevented in the first place. If it arises, we tackle it by offering periodontics near you before you lose your teeth or have bone resorption.

Gum Disease – More Than Just an Oral Health Issue

Gum disease impacts the health of your mouth, but apart from that, it has been linked to overall health concerns. Chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes are connected to gum disease. The reason is that bacteria that bring about gum infection can get in the blood to move to other organs, where it causes serious infections, including the brain, heart, and lungs. That’s why we strive to prevent and combat gum disease at our dental office.

Our Periodontic Treatments

We are your best periodontist for fighting gum disease as well as the effects it causes, such as detached gums and tooth loss. We provide services such as:

Periodontal disease treatment – Our periodontal dentist in Fraser Street can develop a treatment plan focused on the extent of the disease. In the early stages, our gum specialist offers scaling and root planing. We may also use antibiotics to ward off bacteria in gum pockets. Scaling and root planing involve cleaning the gum pockets and root surfaces to eliminate biofilm and tartar and smoothening out the root to discourage bacteria from lodging in micro-dents of the root surfaces.

Crown Lengthening – Once your natural tooth crown gets badly damaged or broken around the gum line, we can fit a cap-like restoration or artificial crown to protect and strengthen it. Crown lengthening increases the natural crown length so that we have sufficient structure to mount the artificial crown. It involves pulling the soft gum tissue back from the damaged tooth and recontouring the tooth bone to expose more of the tooth.

Gummy Smile Surgery – Our local dentist clinic does gummy smile surgery to reduce excess gum tissue. People with gummy smiles have more gum tissue showing, with less of the crown visible.

Gum Grafts – Patients with recessed gums may need gum grafting by our Vancouver dentist to rebuild the gum tissue. Gum recession exposes a tooth to decay, bacteria, and oral sensitivity.

Make a trip to meet our periodontist and see how our periodontics in Vancouver, BC, can help you.

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