Restorative Dentistry In Vancouver, BC

At My Dentist Vancouver, we have a wide array of restorative or corrective dentistry that helps patients to reinstate the health, function, and aesthetic of their smiles. Many issues can be resolved with restorative dentistry in Vancouver, including fractures, chippings, breaks, discolorations, decay, gum disease, cavities, and enamel.

Our Vancouver dentist evaluates your condition to see what the best approach to treatment would be. We look at each case critically to see that we offer a treatment plan that works to deliver the best outcomes. We have also invested in the latest techniques, including 3D imaging and sedation dentistry, for comfort, quick diagnoses, precise treatments, and minimal recovery time.

Our Restorative Procedures

Among the procedure we offer in our restorative dentistry near you include the following:

Crowns – Our dentist can correct numerous dental concerns with crowns, including chippings, fractures, weakened teeth, and breaks. We also do crown placement when replacing teeth with tooth implants. We fit the dental crowns over a tooth to seal and protect it against breaks. During the procedure, we shave down a bit of the enamel so that the crown restoration gets a precise fit.

Fillings – Our white fillings improve not only tooth function but also aesthetics. Fillings can fix a cavity that forms on the enamel. Our dentist removes any decay and applies the filling material.

Bridges – Once a tooth is lost, bridges present a suitable replacement. A bridge features the replacement tooth held in place by crowns on either side. The three components of dental bridges are cemented together, with the replacement tooth being suspended over the gap of the lost tooth.

Dental Implants – Another option for tooth replacement is dental implants. We embed the implants on the jawbone and fast them to give strong and stable support to the artificial teeth. You may have to wait roughly 3 to 6 months to allow osseointegration before the crown is mounted. This involves fusing the bone with the implant screw.

Dentures – We provide full and partial dentures to replace lost teeth. The replacement teeth are supported by wires hooked to existing teeth.

The goal of our restorative treatment is to address underlying bite issues that may have damaging effects on your health, aesthetics, and bite function. We look forward to providing conservative treatment or dental restoration requiring minimal shaving down of the enamel. This way, we can keep as much of your enamel and tooth structure as possible. We can treat cosmetic, functional, and health issues through restorative dentistry and restore everything to harmony.

We provide personalized care to achieve your dental health goals and needs, taking the time to evaluate your whole occlusal system’s function, look, and health.

Contact our local dental clinic in Vancouver to get evaluated for restorative treatment by our best restorative dentist.

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