What Are the Common Pediatric Dental Emergencies?

June 21, 2023

As a parent, your child’s health is significantly important to you, and you try to protect it as much as possible. Having a healthy and happy kid is what all parents want. However, children grow up experiencing different problems and health issues. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about those problems because most of them are solvable. Dental problems such as tooth decay or broken tooth are common issues among children. It’s necessary to address such problems at the right time by visiting a professional pediatric dentist. Our professionals at My Dentist Vancouver try their bests to protect your child’s oral health and improve it as much as possible. A dental emergency is any condition that compromises the tooth’s structure or causes extreme bleeding or pain. Some dental emergencies are significantly common among children, and you should be really careful about them as a parent. Although you can lessen the risk of dental emergencies for your child with the help of effective preventative methods, they still can occur despite your best efforts. Here we explain common dental emergencies among kids to make you aware as a concerned parent.

Knocked-out tooth: It’s essential to contact the emergency pediatric dentist when your child’s tooth gets knocked out. In such cases, time is the success key to saving your child’s smile. The sooner you visit your pediatric dentist, the greater chance you have to save your child’s oral health. Some parents like to replace knocked-out teeth with tooth implants, dental bridges, etc. A pediatric dentist usually doesn’t repair or replace a knocked-out baby tooth as it can damage the growth of a permanent tooth. Unless the damage is severe, your child has a chance to restore their beautiful smile.

Tooth displacement: If you notice one of your child’s teeth is displaced, it’s time to visit your pediatric dentist immediately. A displaced tooth can be a sign of severe dental emergencies, including a broken jaw, damaged pulp, etc. If the displaced tooth is left untreated, it can lead to severe dental infections, so root canal treatment may be needed to save your child’s oral health.

Toothache: The most common dental emergency most children experience is a toothache. Tooth pain can indicate different oral issues, which should be diagnosed by your pediatric dentist. Tooth decay, a cracked tooth, dental trauma or wisdom tooth are common causes of toothache among children. Some methods like rinsing saltwater or cold compress are recommended to relieve the pain temporarily. Still, visiting the pediatric dentist is necessary.

Broken tooth: Children like to play physical games and are significantly active. These activities can lead to serious dental trauma like broken or cracked teeth. The dental crown is the largest and most vulnerable part of the tooth, which can be damaged easily. The pediatric dentist may refer your kid to a cosmetic dentist for minor cracks to fix with sealants or composite resin. However, pulp treatment is required for more severe cases.

As a parent, you can learn about effective preventative methods to protect your child’s oral health. Visit a pediatric dentist and ask all your questions for more information!

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