Popular Same-Day Dentistry Services Busy Patients Like to Choose

June 7, 2023

As we all know, having regular checkups with your dentist is necessary in order to persevere your smile and prevent further problems. However, many people usually postpone their dental visits as they are too busy for sitting on the dentistry chair for hours. These days, there are ways to avoid wasting your time and receive the quickest possible dental treatments ever. One of the biggest revolutions in dentistry is same-day services that have saved hours of time and significantly help patients with busy schedules. These services are designed to restore your smile in one appointment without needing to visit your dentist again so you can leave the dental office and don’t feel worried about your appearance. Many people report our dental clinic, My Dentist Vancouver, as the best place you can go if you are in the need of same-day services. Our experienced dentists can improve your smile in just on session so you can enjoy your new smile once you leave our office behind. Hence same-day dentistry is relatively new, there are only a few treatments available. Here is a list of common same-day procedures helping you transform your smile in just one day.

Dental Implants

In case you suffer from missing teeth, dental implants are an ideal option to restore your smile. Losing one or more teeth can have different causes such as dental emergencies, injury, trauma and etc. no matter the reason, its highly recommended to visit an implant dentist especially if the root is damaged or missing altogether. Typically, the process of getting a dental implant is lengthy and can even take up to six months. That’s why many patients prefer to choose partial dentures or dental bridges instead of waiting for months to get implants. But same-day dentistry offers dental implants that can transform your smile in one day! This type of dental implant is usually called immediate implant that can get placed along with prosthetic right away. Not everyone is a good candidate for immediate dental implants and dentures or tooth bridges may be a more appropriate choice based on the condition.

Teeth Whitening

Generally, the most popular and straightforward type of cosmetic dental procedures you can choose is professional teeth whitening. Its actually categorized as same-day dental services because at-office teeth whitening doesn’t take more than an hour.

Hollywood Smile

You can’t find one celebrity with imperfect smile as they all know how to take care of their teeth with the help of developed cosmetic dental procedures and other methods. In order to have a Hollywood smile, you should be an eligible candidate for dental veneers. Thanks to the same-day dentistry, you can get your new smile right away after placing cosmetic veneers and enjoy your Hollywood smile.

Clear Aligners

Nowadays, clear aligners are significantly popular among adults due to their unique appearance when you wear them. With the help of same-day dentistry, your clear aligners can get accurately prepared in one day and you can start your Invisalign treatment right away.

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