Helpful Tips to Protect Your Cosmetic Veneers

May 29, 2023

If you want an effective and affordable way to perfect your smile, you need to consider dental veneers as an ideal option. This cosmetic dental procedure is widely used to fix various visual dental problems, including chipped, worn, misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth. Among all the different services a cosmetic dentist can provide, dental veneers are one of the most popular items a patient can choose. Furthermore, there are many benefits related to cosmetic veneers, making them an amazing way to give you a dreamy smile. It’s so important to choose a cosmetic dentist who is wise and experienced enough, which is why we recommend our professional dentists at My Dentist Vancouver if you want veneers. Besides all benefits of cosmetic veneers, they will lose their effectiveness after a decade or more. Although veneers’ durability is limited, and they won’t be that beneficial after years, you can still increase their lifespan by following some simple tips. Veneers can last longer if you know how to take care of them properly, which isn’t difficult, unlike what most believe. Following such tips is the easiest way to maintain your cosmetic veneers, which is usually overlooked. This blog is for you if you want to learn how to keep your veneers beautiful and functional for a long period.

Don’t Grind Your Teeth.

If you are used to grinding your teeth when sleeping, you must quit this damaging habit now. Teeth grudging can put a lot of pressure on your dental veneers, making them cracked and chopped after a while. To be honest, teeth grinding is too hurtful for your jaw joints and teeth, leading to dental emergencies and other serious problems. If you suspect you grind your teeth, discuss it with your dentist immediately. Most dentists recommend their patients wear mouthguards in order to protect the veneers.

Prevent Your Dental Veneers from Getting Stained.

Just like your natural teeth, dental veneers can get stained too. It’s essential to be aware of stains because even teeth whitening treatment can’t save your discolored veneers. Try to limit foods and drinks such as berries, tea, coffee, dark sodas, red wines and soy sauce. Moreover, it’s better to give up smoking as it’s one of the leading causes of veneer discoloration.

Watch What You Chew.

Dental veneers are much stronger than your natural teeth, but it doesn’t mean you can use them as a tool. You can ask your cosmetic dentist to explain things you better avoid chewing and other helpful prevention tips to protect your veneers.

Schedule Regular Visits with Your Dentist.

No matter what type of dental cosmetic procedure you have received lately, you must plan regular visits with your dentist. It can help you discover potential problems and address them before they become major issues.

Maintain a Good Oral Hygiene Routine.

It is important to floss and brush your teeth every day so that your veneers will last as long as possible.

It’s better to guarantee your smile with the help of cosmetic procedures like veneers. A brilliant smile is worth your money and time, so make an appointment right away!

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