Can an Emergency Dentist Perform Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

May 15, 2023

Dental emergencies are one the worst things you can ever experience in your life. These unexpected incidents can ruin the beauty of your smile and bring you a lot of pain and discomfort. Emergency dentists see hundreds of patients on a daily basis with different cases and dental problems. The main and most important goal of an emergency dentist is to improve your oral health and the beauty of your smile. If you need to visit an emergency dentist, it’s highly recommended to make an appointment with our experts at My Dentist Vancouver to receive modern, effective dental services. Unfortunately, many people think that emergency dentists don’t care about the look of your smile. It’s a common misunderstanding because of a lack of awareness among people. The fact is emergency dentists offer you beneficial emergency cosmetic dental treatments in addition to emergency dental care. However, the cosmetic dental services provided by an emergency dentist aren’t comparable to those of a cosmetic dentist. Still, some cosmetic dental treatments can be performed in the course of addressing a dental emergency. Here we explain common cosmetic services an emergency dentist can offer.

Lost dental filling or crown: Losing your dental crown or filling can lead to serious dental emergencies and other oral issues. A lost crown or filling may be the result of dental trauma, damage to your face, etc. In such cases, it’s essential to visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible to save your damaged tooth. Your emergency dentist can restore the crown or filling if most of your tooth structure is healthy. Otherwise, your dentist may have no choice but to extract the renaming tooth and refer you to an implant dentist if you want.

Loose tooth: If you find your tooth extremely loose, don’t hesitate to visit your emergency dentist. If your tooth root is highly damaged, root canal treatment may be needed to remove the infection and save your smile.

Chipped tooth: No matter the cause, your chipped or broken tooth affects your smile negatively. It’s necessary to visit your emergency dentist before the dental crack leads to more severe conditions. Fortunately, cracked or chipped teeth can be easily repaired with cosmetic veneers, dental crowns or bonding. The chosen treatment depends on many different factors, including your oral health state, personal preferences, budget, the severity of the problem, etc.

Lost tooth: The worst dental emergency to experience is losing one of your natural teeth. Your reaction is so important and effective when you find your tooth completely knocked out. In this situation, the sooner you visit your emergency dentist, the higher chance you have of restoring your tooth. Otherwise, you may need to choose a tooth replacement option like dentures or implants. Some patients, especially those with several missing teeth, may choose tooth bridges due to their unique benefits.

Tooth abscess: Abscess is a serious condition in which your dental pulp and root become severely infected. Therefore, your emergency dentist uses sedative medications to make you numb and perform root canal treatment. Then you can ask for a crown to make your smile look better!

If you experience any of those problems, don’t waste time and visit your emergency dentist immediately!

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