Are Dental Implants Prone to Falling Out

May 7, 2023

Some unexpected accidents and severe dental problems like tooth infection can lead to tooth loss, a major dental problem. If you have lost one or more teeth, you must consider a proper tooth replacement as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Fortunately, there are many options provided by cosmetic dentistry to restore your smile and replace your missing teeth. Here at My Dentist Vancouver, our professionals can help you find the best solution if you have been struggling with the consequences of missing teeth for a while. Due to their countless advantages, dental implants are becoming increasingly popular as a means of replacing missing teeth. The function and look of dental implants are significantly similar to your natural teeth, and also they are easy to maintain and significantly durable. All these advantages make them a fantastic choice for people who seek a suitable tooth replacement option to restore their lost self-confidence, health, and beauty. However, an important question that many patients ask is, can dental implants fall out? The process of getting dental implants is not as easy as other procedures, and not all implant dentists are capable enough to perform the correct method of the dental implant procedure, which is why your dental implant may fall out. Throughout this article, you will discover the causes of an unsuccessful dental implant process.

Inappropriate implant placement: if your oral surgeon inserts the implant in an area with an inadequate amount of jawbone, your dental implants can loosen and fall out later. Improper implant placement can lead to serious dental emergencies later, in addition to an unsuccessful dental implant process. Fortunately, all reliable and experienced implant dentists have access to professional imaging technology and can determine a proper place to insert the implant before the surgery.

Peri-implantitis: your oral hygiene and care for your dental implants are also so effective. Knowing how to use the methods of preventive dental care can guarantee the health of your dental implants and reduce the risk of other dental problems. Peri-implantitis is one of the complications of not following hygiene instructions after getting a dental implant, threatening your oral well-being. It can damage the tissues surrounding your dental implant, resulting in bone loss and dental implant failure.

Low-quality materials: it doesn’t matter whether you get tooth bridges, dental implants, or any other tooth replacement; the materials are significantly important. Unfortunately, some dentists use cheap materials to attract more clients, but after a while, the consequences of those low-quality materials will ruin your smile. It’s essential to check the resume of the dentist you visit and make sure about the quality of materials to prevent any problems in the future.

Smoking: after inserting the implant into your jawbone, you need to let your bone and implant fuse together, which usually takes three to six months. All implant and cosmetic dentists recommend to quit smoking during healing as smoking can damage your dental implants and cause other serious dental problems.

Consult with your implant dentist, follow all instructions they explain, and take good care of your dental implants and oral wellness to achieve what you want!

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